When you begin the game (or after each VE) you can choose a specialty! You get more usage points for each specialty as you level up, or occasionally from random events in the forest such as giving a gem to foilwitch or a fairy, you can also trade merits in for usage points at the order of the pheonix. This does not cary over VEs. You can also pay Myrrdin in the dark alley at knockturn alley to level up specialties, including ones you didnt choose at the start of the VE.

Available specialties and their effects:

Quidditch Skills 


Defense Against the Dark Arts  

Dark Arts - Side effect of making your alignment more evil 

Divine Powers - Side effect of making your alignment more good by one every new day 

  • Holy Water(1)->buffs attack, debuffs defence
  • Angels Song(2)-> does a very small amount of damage for 5 turns
  • Divine Wrath (5) ->buffs your attack and heals your hp like an attack only weak mount


Magical Creatures  

Mystical Powers  


  • Amortentia (1) ->makes your enemy love you so they cant attack (vastly decreases likelihood and amount of getting hurt)
  • Venomous Tentacula Poison (2)
  • Strength Potion (3) ->attack buff
  • Draught of Living Death(5) your enemy falls into a living slumber, like amortentia but stronger
  • Elixir of Life (8)->heals like pheonix tears  

Seductive Skills  

Thieving Skills