Sichae's Apple Shop is a shop that can be found in Hogsmeade. 

You duck into a small alley, lit only by a small torch at the end. You walk over to this torch and read a small plaque."Sichae's Apple Shop"

You open the door, and walk down a small set of stairs. You look all around and see a little counter. You walk up to the counter and ring a small bell. A beautiful woman walks out and stops right behind the counter. The mysterious woman looks at you, through stained-glass glasses. She smiles brightly and asks "Hello there! Might I interest you in something today?"

Pursue The SelectionEdit

You look around and only see apples. Your mouth waters... "Ah, so you WOULD like an apple..." she says ominously, "The question is, what KIND of apple would you like?..."

You gaze upon the counter as five baskets appear. One carrying Red apples, one with Green. One with Black. One with Brown and the other with Blue. In a small glass case, you see a White one.

"Which would you like my dearie, the each cost 200 gold...?"

"Or would you rather to hear a little bit about me?"


Each day you can have up to three apples. Each apple will give you a random improvement. You may earn gems, experience(a percentage of your current one or level probably, this increases at higher levels), an increase to your maximum hitpoints or extra turns sometimes it just gives you money which depending on your level may be less than what you paid for an apple.