"You cautiously approach Mrs. Figg. Next to her is a sign that reads, "5 gold to pet kittens," and a basket filled with 2306095 gold! You place your 5 gold in the basket, and spend a few minutes petting one of the kittens. Soon though, Mrs. Figg chases you off, and you stand at a distance admiring the kittens. After a few minutes, you once again try to approach in order to look into her baskets."

Mrs. Figg is a squib living in a house on Wisteria Walk in Little Whinging, Surrey. She has four cats that she loves and adores. If you decide to pet her kittens (for 5 gold) that amount will be added to the jackpot. However, it is very difficult to win.

Once you look at Mrs. Figgs kittens, you will see a combination of 3 different types of kittens.

If two are the same color you gain a forest fight, if all are the same color you gain two forest fights, occasionally you see Hedgehogs and gain 5 forest fights. If no kittens are the same color you will lose a forest fight unless you have 0 left in which case you lose a point in charm. Regardless you get a small short lived buff from petting kittens.