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Hogwarts Live is an interactive Hogwarts experience that allows you to explore your skills as a witch or wizard. Hogwartslive was created in 2004 by Danilo Stern-Sapad. Since then new features have been added and unused features have been removed. Today, it is one of the most played free Harry Potter online experiences. 

When you join HogwartsLive, you get to choose your house. Choose wisely, however, as you can not change your house (for three months) once chosen. Earning house points is easy! Simply head to the Forbidden Forest and look for something to kill. At the end of the fight you may or may not earn your house points. The points awarded are random and happen quite often. 

One thing that makes HogwartsLive unique is the fact that there aren't hundreds of unused accounts sitting on the server. Instead, any account that has been inactive for three months or more will be deleted. However, if you reach the God or Goddess title [defeated Voldemort 50 or more times, also known as VE's (Voldemort Encounters)] your account is guarunteed never to be deleted, no matter how long you go inactive for. You also have the choice of donating $50 USD to gain the same benefit.

If you would like to learn more about HogwartsLive, dive into this addicting adventure and find out for yourself just what kind of Witch or Wizard you can be!