A mystical shop located on Knockturn Alley, this is where you can find various potions to help you on your VE journey.

When entering the shop:

You walk into a narrow alley and come upon a door that feels evil. You don't understand why it feels evil; it just does. This may be partly due the fact that there are two menacing griffin knockers on the door, which awaken and begin to speak as you approach.
"So, you wish to enter here?" the left knocker speaks. The right knocker looks accosted.
"You wish to let in this Mongrel?!"
They begin to bicker back and forth and eventually you determine that there is no point listening to them and shove the doors open. A tall and elegant, yet evil-looking, witch looks up at you. Her name is Angul. Upon her walls, rest a vast assortment of "questionable" equipment.
"How may I help you today?" She looks at you with a sly smile, appraising you. You know other things are going through her head besides your impending purchase of her elixirs.
Re-entering the shop after buying an elixir:
Angul brandishes a whip and snaps it in your general direction. "Get out of here and do not come back...I can smell my elixirs in your blood..."
Upon re-entering with no gold:
Angul looks at you, her eyes fiery. "I am sorry, but you do not have enough gold to taste my wares. You must have at least 5000 gold for an elixir. She flicks a fireball at you as you run out the door to escape her wrath.
Elixir selection:

Colour Buff Debuff
Blue + 11.6 Attack (20 rounds) X
Green + 11.6 Defense (20 rounds) X
Red + 16.8 Attack (20 rounds) - 5.6 Defense
Yellow + 16.8 Defense (20 rounds) - 5.6 Attack
Orange Strength (30 rounds) - Hitpoints
Purple + Charm X
Pink + 2 Forest Fights X
Black Experience - Hitpoints